AUGUSTUS 2018 by Roberto Mazzini – Training for facilitators: Forum Theatre for Community Development 9-15 July 2018 | Hollókő, Hungary "We are animals that have the privilege of being actors, because we are acting all of the time. But at the same time, we are spectators of our actions. (...) So we have theatre inside, because we act and we are the observer. We [...]

PPLG 2018 – Play, Perform, Learn, Grow: Exploring Creative Community Practices

13 - 15 April 2018 | Thessaloniki, Greece PPLG 2018 - Play, Perform, Learn, Grow: Exploring Creative Community Practices ANAMUH is supporting organization of PPLG, an international conference/ festival gathering community organizers, educators, therapists, artists, social theatre practitioners, researchers, performance and scholar activists from all over the world, refugees, migrants, locals, who are [...]

Commedia dell’Arte

  Commedia dell'Arte Commedia dell’Arte was born in Italy in the 16th century and spread rapidly throughout Europe. In the world of Commedia dell’Arte the characters embody vices, defects, and basic feelings, thus becoming fixed-types. Their archetypal characteristics make them always current and present in nowadays world: the old miser [...]