ANAMUH is a not-for-profit social initiative aimed at establishing and sustaining spaces for communitarian dialogue through the use of Participatory Theatre and Arts.

We believe that Participatory Theatre and Arts methods can offer an enormous potential for positive personal, communitarian and social transformation.

ANAMUH organizes grassroots processes, with particular focus on youth, in local and international processes, for inter-communitarian dialogue, to process personal and intra-communitarian dynamics, to challenge stereotypes/discrimination, to bridge cultures in participatory processes, creating the conditions for new voices and new communities to emerge.

We periodically organize and facilitate international training courses, workshops and open activities, networking with various partner organizations and institutions, with the aim to explore the possibilities of existing and new practices for community work through Arts. Creativity and participatory methods, including Applied Theatre methods, Theatre of the Oppressed, Playback Theatre, Commedia dell’Arte, Dramatherapy, Participatory Photography PhotoVoice.

We collaborate with various national and international partners: national and international NGOs, grassroots organizations, community developers active in marginalized communities, institutions, theatre groups, art groups, applied arts networks, educational institutions, schools, universities, on organizational and methodological aspects, for education and training, in formal and non-formal education settings.

Francesco Argenio Benaroio
Francesco Argenio BenaroioFounder and Managing Director
Francesco Argenio Benaroio is a participatory social theatre practitioner, IT engineer, project manager. He has lived and worked in various contexts, for the United Nations, ILO, European Commission, private sector, schools and for NGOs and grassroots organizations around the globe, as trainer, teacher and as project manager for the empowerment and dialogue of various communities. He has coordinated and facilitated community and participatory theatre processes in the UK, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Colombia, India, Nepal/Tibet, Thailand/Myanmar. Francesco is the founder and director of ANAMUH – Arts for Dialogue (, coordinating social theatre processes, training courses and communitarian performances. Francesco is also the production manager of the grassroots international conference/gathering Play Perform Learn Grow – PPLG ( Francesco is deeply committed in the transformative power of play, participatory theatre and arts, as means for personal healing, social change, (re)humanization, peace and dialogue between human beings, communities and cultures.

Associate Artists

Elena Boukouvala
Elena BoukouvalaDramatherapist, Founder of Play, Perform, Learn, Grow (PPLG)
Elena is a dramatherapist (MA), counsellor of children and young people (MA) psychologist, researcher and community organizer. She is faculty of Epineio Institute (Thessaloniki, Greece) and East Side Institute (New York, USA).
She founded the international conference Play, Perform, Learn, Grow (PPLG) in 2017 with the support of an international community as a response to refugee crisis, creating environments for social inclusion, active participation and transcultural exchange through arts. As dramatherapist, trainer, performance activist and artist, she has worked in schools, hospitals, prisons, rehabilitation wards, elderly homes, refugee camps and other community settings in collaboration with social initiatives and international organizations in Greece, UK, Romania, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Moldova, Lebanon, Algeria (Western Sahrawi camps) and USA. She has also created trainings and consultancies cooperating with organizations such as the International Organization for Migration. She has founded the international interactive exhibition “Dialogues Across Borders” (DAB) which builds on poetry and art of the participants creating opportunities for dialogue and intercultural exchange between people from diverse backgrounds. She is currently working as a therapist, teacher and community organizer.
Angelo Miramonti
Angelo MiramontiParticipatory theatre facilitator, development practitioner
Angelo is a participatory theatre facilitator and a development practitioner. He is currently professor of Theatre and Community in the departmental institute of Fine Arts in Cali, Colombia. He is piloting a set of techniques called Theatre for Reconciliation. This technique aims at intentionally facilitating reconciliation and peacebuilding in war-affected individuals and communities. Since 2009, Angelo has been facilitating theatre workshops and plays in Italy, France, Hungary, Northern Ireland, Guatemala, El Salvador, Haiti, Colombia, Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria and South Africa. He is currently Associated artist of the theatre NGOs ImaginAction (USA), ANAMUH – Arts for Dialogue (Hungary) and Cooperativa Giolli (Italy). Angelo recently published
How to Use Forum Theatre for Community Dialogue – A Facilitator’s Handbook (in English, Spanish, French and Italian), based on his experience in training Forum Theatre facilitators in Senegal, Hungary, Italy, Haiti and Colombia. As a development practitioner, he coordinated NGO programs for social reinsertion of child soldiers in Uganda and Congo and UNICEF programs in West Africa to protect children from violence and exploitation. During the years he spent in West Africa, he also carried out an ethno-psychiatric research with the University of Turin (Italy), focusing on possession cults and healing rituals among the lebou women in the outskirts of Dakar, Senegal. He carried out photo reportages in Africa, Asia and Latin America and published in various travel magazines. His photography website is: ; Youtube:
Giacomo Segulia
Giacomo SeguliaActor, Choral and Opera singer
Giacomo graduated from the Civic Academy of Dramatic Art “Nico Pepe” in Udine, Italy. He deepens his studies in Commedia dell’Arte attending in 2013 the International Commedia dell’Arte Stage, directed by Carlo Boso. Among his professional experiences: in 2014 Machiavelli’s “Mandragola” at the Avignon Off Festival 2014 directed, by G. Bonanni and C. de Maglio. In 2015 he works in “Blood Wedding”, by Garcia Lorca, directed in Padua by Marco Sgrosso. In 2016 he debuted in the original Commedia dell’Arte play “La Brescia liberata” (I Comici del Savio Company). In the summer of 2016 he plays in two new productions: “Egon and Jim” of R. Crivelli (Stable Theatre of Trieste La Contrada) and Commedia dell’Arte play “Venezia Venezia” (Cantieri invisibili – Verona, directed by M. Spiazzi, dramaturgy by R. Pippa). In November 2016 he debuted in the performance “The Song and the Sling”, on the figure of David Maria Turoldo, directed by Massimo Somaglino (production Css Stabile Theater of Innovation of the Fvg). Since 2015 he has been involved in the Itinerant Theatrical Pedagogy project, a specialization course for professional actors, by Giuliano Bonanni on the Stanislavski Method. He follows up by attending a masterclass by A. Vasiliev on Chekhov’s “The Seagull”. In 2017 he attended in Venice the high specializion Art Degree “The Actor for Arts”, created by the Veneta Theatre Academy, Cini Foundation and Ca’ Foscari University. In 2015 debuts with the original canvas of Commedia dell’Arte “Il Natural Segreto” of the company I Comici del Savio.
Zsuzsa Viczay
Zsuzsa ViczaySocial and youth worker, drama facilitator
Zsuzsa works as a social worker, drama facilitator and trainer. Believes that participatory methods are not only fun and motivating, but also can have a deep effect on people’s perspective, behavior and attitude.
She has 12 years of experience working as a social worker in Budapest of which she has spent the last 7 working with children and youth with fewer opportunities through non-formal education, experiential learning, drama and methods coming from social work.
Her work as a drama teacher consists of using improvisation theatre, drama in education and forum theatre to help young adults to find their playful nature and the depth of their potential. She is member of Fórum Színházi Közösség (Fórum Theatre Community), where they offer drama workshops for adults, using participatory theatre methods to empower personal development, self-expression and build a community.
She got her master degree in social work at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest and has finished the course to be a drama teacher at the Hungarian Drama and Theatre in Education Association. Besides that she was trained in Theatre of the Oppressed by trainers such as Roberto Mazzini, Angelo Miramonti.
She has been involved in various projects, both local as well as international, mainly focused on helping young people to get better chances in life with improving their social and intrapersonal skills.