ANAMUH is a name, ANAMUH is a sound.

ANAMUH can be pronounced “anámuh” like we do, but also “ánamuh” or “anamúh”, or why not “aaaanamúh!”, you choose.

ANAMUH is a circle and a dance, an encounter of diversities, of polarities, a dialogue in itself happening while dialoguing. ANAMUH is a wheel, a circle, a dancing dialogue.

“anam”, an inside sound. “anam”, the sound of the “m” resonating from the lips to the chest and inside. “Anam, अनम” in Hindi language meaning “Blessing”. “Anam, انعم” in Urdu language a feminine name meaning “Mercy”.

a-nam: “nam” like name, a-nam like no-name, as in Sanskrit language “anam आनम् ” meaning “nameless”.

A place, inside, with no-names, a common space to be Human, to be, to stay, to become one’s own blessing.

Anam, as “Anam il senzanome” (Anam, the nameless one), the no-name chosen by Italian writer and journalist Tiziano Terzani as part of his life journey:

“Only if we will be able to see the universe as a whole in which each part reflects the totality and in which the great beauty lies in its diversity, will we begin to understand who we are and where we are.” (Tiziano Terzani)

“uh”: like “UH!” the sound, short, shot –out, brought-out, UH-ed out! UH!!

Also a “UH??!” sound, requesting, asking, opening. UH, a no-meaning sound, an energetic outgoing big and loud UH!! bringing out what needs to be brought out, a real, living, pulsing, embdied UH!!! like an act, like a statement, like a gift, an invitation, a UH!-ing state of doing, acting, transforming, envisioning what is not here yet.

ANAM inside, UH outside, balancing each other, like ANAM-Yin and UH-Yang, the endless harmony of the opposites. ANAM the moon, UH the sun; ANAM the blessing, UH the gift; ANAM acknowledging and honouring what is there, the difficulties and the blessings, UH envisioning what can be done, what else can be here, how to transform, ANAM looking at the personal, honouring, healing, UH embracing and offering our gift to the tribe, to the community, to the world.

An endless dialectic, of my ANAM and my UH, a circle and encounter of diversities, of our different ANAMs and our UHs, dancing together to acknowledge and trasform, to heal and give, to be Humans together, to act as Humans together, in Dance, in Arts, in Theatre, in Dialogue: “ANAMUH – Arts for Dialogue”.


Also “Humana”, read in another way.

Francesco Argenio Benaroio
ANAMUH founder and director