Project Description

Discovering, sharing and giving space

Aikido is a non-violent and non-competitive Japanese martial art whose aim is to create balance in all aspects of life. Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of aikido considered this art form a peaceful and effective way of dealing with internal and external conflicts. Through its harmonious movements, aikido creates a safe space for everyone.

Being in our space seems natural to us. We connect with others through sharing space. We discover our limits through holding or keeping our safe space. There are different notions of space in aikido, personal and objective, as well as the space in-between, which we call ma-ai or “space-harmony”.

How do we better perceive space around us? How can we safely connect to others through knowing, sharing and giving space?

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Marta Balla has been practicing aikido for 13 years and teaching it for 6 years. Her movement background has been in judo, gymnastics, tai-chi and contact improvisation.

Aikido gives her an increased sense of self-awareness through its practical approach to spirituality. She can effectively use the inner peace gained in the dojo in her relationships and daily life. She likes the fact that aikido combines movement and meditation in one. As a fine artist by profession, she also greatly appreciates the creative dimension of aikido. It gives her great pleasure to realize how empowering this can be for everyone.

She is very grateful to have trained with some very well-known names in the aikido world including David Lynch, Ralph Pettman, Endo Seishiro, Kanaya, Frank Noël, Hideo Numata, Matti Joensuu and Keni Lynch.

“Marti is a gifted teacher with a knack for simplifying the complex concepts of aikido into easy-to-follow steps. Her movements are light and flexible, soft yet deceptively powerful. Her commitment to soft-contact aikido inspires me.” – Keni Lynch