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CLOWNING! Workshop with Rita Baptista

Thessaloniki, 19-20 January 2019

Clowning is a state of playfulness that invites us to re-discover the child that lives in our hearts. Our clown is us without social masks and without the fear of failing and being vulnerable. The clown is genuine and naïve and exists to make people happier.

This approach to clowning is not a technique but a personal journey towards finding one’s own unique way of being a clown, by daring to laugh and saying “yes” to every new challenge.

It is only when we stop worrying about being ridiculous that we begin to feel free and capable of changing the world.

On the second day, if the group will agree, we will have a walk in the streets together, as clowns!

No previous experience in clowning, theatre, improvisation or performance is required. Only the will to explore together our playfulness, with a red nose!

Every participant of the Clowining workshop will receive as a gift a red nose: a professional one!

The training language will be a physical, simple and easy-to-understand English: we will translate to Greek if needed. But clowns really don’t need many words!

Come for a weekend of intensive fun!

We need you!

Organized by ANAMUH, in collaboration with Αnamesa – Centre for Therapy, Arts and Community Building 





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