Project Description

10 – 12 September 2021

Play Perform Learn Grow 2021: Creating Belonging in Times of Pandemic

ANAMUH is proud to be co-organizing Play Perform Learn Grow (PPLG). PPLG is an international gathering, a grassroots conference, and a growing global community.

PPLG 2021 – Creating Belonging in Times of Pandemic, happened online on 10-12 September 2021 bringing together 300 people from 50 countries, from all around the world, to craft new possibilities of belonging through play, performance, dialogue, art and community rituals.

The global pandemic increased our sense of separation—from our jobs, our schools, our friends, our families, from nature and from the world as we know it.

Human touch has been infused with fear, personal relationships have been mediated by masks and pixels. With millions dead, the lives of many of us have been shaken by grief and loss. For migrants, refugees, minorities, marginalized and excluded communities, the alienation intensified.

In these challenging times, new grassroots-based performing arts initiatives, theatre, dance, performances, emotional support, movements of solidarity have been created in response to—and building with—the pain, grief and injustice.

New ways have developed to transform creative practices, to humanise online environments, to use them creatively, to bring local and transnational communities into being. Online platforms have made possible cross-borders performances, encounters amongst people who might not have otherwise met, crossing physical, ideological and cultural borders.

The fourth edition of “Play Perform Learn Grow” brought together artists, performers, educators, therapists, social workers, activists and community organizers, co-creating PPLG 2021 from all around the world.

PPLG 2021 has been a gathering for all who are seeking new, playful and performatory ways of engaging alienation and re-establishing creatively human connection in times of pandemic and beyond.

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