Project Description

Participatory Theatre to honour our common fabric and our individual stories

21-22 November 2020

The online workshop will propose experiential activities, games, scenes that will invite us to an embodied and imaginative exploration. Connecting with our body and emotions, we will explore through our interactions the common fabric in which we move and co-create it at the same time, each from our different positions.

The group process will take place in the separate “boxes” of Zoom, exploring how as “boxes”/Individuals we are parts of an organism that we form/transform, and at the same acknowledging and honouring what each individual brings: stories, emotions, dreams. The exploration will include elements of Theatre for Living and Playback Theatre.

The workshop is organized in the context of the congress “Climate change and pandemics: the systemic cooperative practice in the Anthropocene era”, organized by the Hellenic Federation of Systemic Therapy and Family Therapy and the Systemic Organization of Northern Greece.


Facilitator: Francesco Argenio BenaroioFrancesco

Francesco Argenio Benaroio is a participatory theatre practitioner, IT engineer, project manager.

He has lived and worked in various contexts and communities, for the United Nations, ILO, European Commission, private sector, schools and for NGOs and grassroots organizations around the globe, as trainer, teacher and as project manager for the empowerment and dialogue of various communities.

He facilitated participatory theatre processes in Greece, Hungary, Italy, Colombia, India, Nepal, Thailand and Burma/Myanmar.

He is the founder and artistic director of “ANAMUH – Arts for Dialogue” (, coordinating social theatre processes, training courses and communitarian performances.

Francesco is one of the organizers of the international grassroots conference Play Perform Learn Grow (PPLG). In the last edition held in 2019 in Thessaloniki, Greece, PPLG co-created with 270 community workers, community members, refugees, scholars, therapists, community organizers from 37 countries:

Francesco is deeply committed in the transformative power of theatre and arts, as means for personal healing, social change, (re)humanization, peace and dialogue between human beings and cultures.


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