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Rainbow of Desire of “Theater for Living”
January 13-14, 2018 – Milan, Italy

A two-day workshop to introduce Rainbow of Desire and Cops in the Head with the Systemic approach of David Diamond’s Theater for Living.
David Diamond is the creator of Theater for Living, was born from the fusion of Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed with the Systemic Theory, conceiving communities as living organisms inserted into a network of relationships where each element is interconnected.

This approach moved away from the binary mechanistic language and the oppressive-oppressor binary model and proposes a holistic and relational image for conflict transformation.

According to this view, change exists in the transformation of relational dynamics between individuals who create and feed oppressive systems and structures.

Through games and exercises, we will have the opportunity to explore our internalized voices that often complicate our relationships with others and block us from making decisions and reaching our goals.

This research will be carried out through transformative techniques that adopt body language as a vehicle to shed light on our internal conflicts and to understand how many desires and fears coexist within us.

The aim is to give space to creative exploration on our of intra and interpersonal communication, a key element for nonviolent conflict management and social transformation.

No previous experience is needed, only the will to play and explore together with the group.

Facilitator: Valentina Caprotti

Language: Italian.


Organized in partnership with Casa per la Pace (House for Peace), Milano.


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