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This Forum Theatre workshop is open to anyone willing to explore participatory theatre as a possibility to create spaces for awareness, understanding “otherness”, empathy, connection and dialogue amongst individuals and cultures.
We will introduce Forum Theatre, rooted in the pedagogical research method by Brazilian educator Paulo Freire.
The workshop will include games, exercises, improvisation theatre, sensorial and immersive drama.
Embodying our thoughts and feelings, we will explore and create possibilities to transform.

Who am I, who are you. A bridge on who we are.

With the group we will create and develop a simple Forum Theatre play, representing a situation from our own life that resonates with us. The workshop will end with the public and interactive performance of the play. Together with the audience we will research and enact possible alternatives to the situation represented on stage. A bridge between audience and stage, between theatre and world, between identities and cultures: You, I: a bridge to us.

The integrated group will include Hungarian locals, refugees, asylum seekers in Hungary, and anyone who would like to make this collective exploration.
The working language will be English.
No previous theatre experience is required.

The workshop is organized by Glaser Jakab Emlekalapitvany and ANAMUH – Arts for Dialogue, in the context of the YOU ARE WELCOME, Europe for Citizens, a collaborative project which endeavors to connect new arrivals and native citizens through art and intercultural and educational activities.

Facilitator: Francesco Argenio Benaroio
Venue: INspirál Cirkuszközpont – Sopron út 19/A, Budapest 1117
17-18 February 2018, 10.00-18.00
Performance: 18 February 20.30

The workshop is offered free of charge.

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