Creating Belonging in Times of Pandemic: Call for Proposals for PPLG 2021

Play Perform Learn Grow 2021 Creating Belonging in Times of Pandemic In the midst of isolation, new grassroots initiatives and movements of solidarity have been created. New ways have been developed to transform working and educational practices, to humanize online environments, to bring local and transnational communities into being. [...]

Theatre of the Oppressed

“The purpose of Theatre of the Oppressed is to rehumanize humanity.” — Augusto Boal   What is Theatre of the Oppressed? As created by Brazilian theatre visionary and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Augusto Boal (1931-2009), Theatre of the Oppressed (T.O.) is a form of popular community-based education that uses theatre [...]

Forum Theatre

" FORUM-THEATRE: Music is the organization of sound in time; plastic arts, the organization of colors and lines in the space; theatre, the organization of human actions in time and space. Theatre is a representation and not a reproduction of social reality. FORUM-THEATRE presents a scene or a play that [...]