International Theatre of the Oppressed Festival of Milan 2017

6-7-8 October 2017 | Milan, Italy

ANAMUH is participating the International Theatre of the Oppressed Festival of Milan 2017, with a Forum Theatre performance of the pre-Festival  T.O. training “Go Artive!” by Sanjoy Ganguly of JANA SANSKRITI.

The Festival aims at sharing ideas and skills among T.O. groups and increase knowledge of T.O. among citizens.

The festival is actively engaging a suburban local community of Milan, hosting theatre events and actions in various locations and occasions, with active role in the phase of organizing the festival itself, with local events and workshops.

Let the invisible emerge is the common thread connecting all the performances and theatre actions presented during the three days of the festival. Each participating group brings their own work inspired by a common subject, to be shared with the city and with other participants to the festival, in order to explore together how our different voices from diverse social and cultural backgrounds allow us to approach the common theme: Let the invisible emerge.

This initiative is not for profit.

Attendance and participation to performances and workshops is completely free of charge.

There is an ongoing Crowdfunding campaign:

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