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COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE Workshop and Performance:

Commedia dell’Arte as European Heritage

Budapest, 22-25 May 2018

Commedia dell’Arte as European Heritage“. This 4-days workshop is an open opportunity to experience and recreate our European cultural heritage.

Commedia dell’Arte was born in Italy in the 16th century, but the archetypal fixed-types are always current and present.

We will experience the work with Masks and the fixed types, we will play with improvisation and the encounters of characters will allow us to discover the nature of the “canovaccio” – plot on stage.

We will eventually create our own character/mask, making it an integral part of our body/imagination and dealing with the eternal paradox of the use of the mask: “Becoming credible with the most fake object”.

At the end of the workshop of Friday 25th, we will perform to the public.

The workshop is organized in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Budapest and EUNIC Hungary.

The workshop will be held in the magnificent and historical building of the Italian Cultural Institute of Budapest.

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In collaboration with:

Italian Cultural Institute of Budapest


EUNIC Hungary