Project Description

Staging participatory storytelling 2023 @RAD, Mytilini – Lesbos

We invite you to a 2023 open participatory theatre process Mityilini, Lesbos, hosted in RAD. We will enjoy storytelling, we will embody our stories and we will collectively co-create new ones. We will explore how the stories can be transformed on stage and how these resonate in the audience: in a performatory, collective and participatory process.

We will work with theatre games, exercises, improvisation and drama activities from methodologies of participatory theatre: Image Theatre, Forum Theatre, Playback Theatre to connect, tell and acknowledge each other’s stories, to co-create and transform new ones collectively.

The workshop is open to anyone, and no previous theatre experience is required.

A basic knowledge of English is suggested.

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Francesco Argenio Benaroio

Francesco Argenio Benaroio is a participatory theatre practitioner, IT engineer, project manager. He has coordinated and facilitated processes in Greece, Hungary, Italy, Colombia, India, Nepal, Thailand and Myanmar. Francesco is the founder and director of ANAMUH – Arts for Dialogue (, and the production manager of Play Perform Learn Grow – PPLG (