International Tool Fair XI – Malta

Forum Theatre as a tool for Community Empowerment: Salto-Youth EuroMed network, Malta on 7-12 November.

MUS-E Network, International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation

Workshop for Educators, Therapists, Artists at the international "MUS-E Network" MUS-E Magyarország of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation , in commemoration of the World Day of Music.

Forum Theatre for the “Global Human Rights Week”

"Forum Theatre for Intercultural Dialogue"for the "Global Human Rights Week" initiative of Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service - CCIVS: a global event under the Raising Peace Campaign on advocacy actions for Human Rights and Peace.

International Conference on Intercultural Education

At the Eötvös Loránd University: presentations, Theatre of the Oppressed workshops and Forum Theatre play.

Rainbow of Desire, by Angelo Miramonti

Conducted by Angelo Miramonti. An intense travel, exploring interior and psychological oppressions with Theatre, transforming them with the group.

Tom Lantos Institute: “Forum Theatre to counter prejudices and discrimination”

"Forum Theatre as a tool to counter prejudices and discrimination", workshop at Summer School of Tom Lantos Institute.

Amnesty International: “Theatre without Borders” – “ÚTON – Színház határok nélkül”

Forum Theatre for Amnesty International raising awareness for Migrants in Hungary, performed at the at the Bánkitó and Művészetek Völgye Festivals.

Theatre of the Oppressed + Playback Theatre training

Theatre of the Oppressed and Playback Theatre can create a dialogue? At the Masarykova univerzita University in Brno, Czech Republic.

“The Role of the Joker in Forum Theatre”

Training on Jokering by Angelo Miramonti for Forum Theatre facilitators, Jokers/Kuringa in Hungary.

“A Social Model Exchange” training

Theatre of the Oppressed training, combined to Social Circus and Human Rights Education.


Youth For Youth, Erasmus+ strategic partnership KA2 project, aiming to reduce early school leaving with Forum Theatre and Community Reporting.

IETM panel on Participatory Theatre

We held a panel on Participatory Theatre in the IETM Budapest Plenary Meeting, organized by the IETM - International network for contemporary performing arts. In dialogue with the participants and colleagues we explored the role of arts and theatre to promote democracy and participation.

Community Development

    ANAMUH for Community Development ANAMUH is experienced and active in various communities: schools, youth centres, communitarian spaces, refugee camps, organizing Community Development processes using Participatory Photography/PhotoVoice, Participatory and Social Theatre, and generally speaking what we like to call “Arts for Dialogue”. If you are interested in starting a process in your community, please write to us:

HOTOH – Home of the Theatre of the Oppressed for Hungary

A space of collaboration for the whole Theatre of the Oppressed and Forum Theatre community in Hungary