Participatory Theatre open workshop: @RAD, Mytilini – Lesbos

Participatory Theatre open workshop: @RAD, Mytilini - Lesbos We invite you to an open participatory theatre workshop, to experience theatre games and activities as tools to acknowledge and embody our emotions and our stories, and to listen and honour the stories of the group, in a collective and participatory process. We will work with theatre games, exercises, improvisation and drama activities from methodologies of participatory theatre: Image Theatre, Playback Theatre, elements of Dramatherapy, to connect to each other, acknowledge, honour and embody non-verbally our personal and collective emotions and stories. The workshop is open to anyone, and no previous theatre [...]

RAISE YOUR HAND: An Online Interactive Performance Event

RAISE YOUR HAND  An Online Interactive Performance Event Online, 27 March 2021 We invite you to join us online on March 27 to share an exciting Forum Theatre performance of Raise Your Hand ONLY If You Know the Right Answer – created and performed by Rangbhumi (A Happy Playground) theatre group and young people 12-14 years old from Mumbai, India. The interactive performance will open a dialogue about the difficulties students and teachers face as they grapple with systems and pressures in school and at home and provide an excellent introduction to Theatre of the Oppressed and its relationship to [...]

Participatory Theatre to honour our common fabric and our individual stories

Participatory Theatre to honour our common fabric and our individual stories 21-22 November 2020 The online workshop will propose experiential activities, games, scenes that will invite us to an embodied and imaginative exploration. Connecting with our body and emotions, we will explore through our interactions the common fabric in which we move and co-create it at the same time, each from our different positions. The group process will take place in the separate “boxes” of Zoom, exploring how as “boxes”/Individuals we are parts of an organism that we form/transform, and at the same acknowledging and honouring what each individual brings: stories, [...]

Introduction to Commedia dell’Arte mask work – London

COMMEDIA DELL'ARTE Workshop Introduction to Commedia dell'Arte mask work London, 15-16 February 2020 The 2-days workshop is an excellent opportunity to explore the potential of the body, to get an introduction and experience the work with the traditional Masks of Commedia dell'Arte through embodied and imaginative activities. The work is based on the discovery of the world of Commedia dell'Arte, the study of the masks and the characters, the relationship between characters, between Servant and Master, experiencing the universality of this theatrical language. The participants will have a possibility to experience a self-discovery work. We will explore what the specific [...]

David Diamond: Theatre for Living Power Play 19-23 September + 3-6 October 2019 | Thessaloniki, Greece ANAMUH organizes a Theatre for Living Power Play, led by the renowned theatre director David Diamond. The Power Play will be performed as interactive Forum Theatre and it will contribute to create the international conference Play, Perform, Learn, Grow (PPLG): Bridging Communities, Practices and the World, Thessaloniki, Greece, 4-6 October 2019: David Diamond Power Play is organized by ANAMUH - Arts for Dialogue (, in collaboration with Theatre for Living ( and Play, Perform, Learn, Grow (               Climate Change And Our Polarizing World As [...]

PPLG 2019 – Play, Perform, Learn, Grow: Bridging Communities, Practices and the World

4 - 6 October 2019 | Thessaloniki, Greece Play, Perform, Learn, Grow 2019: Bridging Communities, Practices and the World ANAMUH is supporting organization of PPLG, an international conference/ festival gathering people from more than 30 countries so far who are seeking new - and often performatory- ways to address the pain and alienation of our times, re-create their lives and build new kinds of communities. The first Play, Perform, Learn, Grow (PPLG) conference took place in Thessaloniki, Greece in April 2018 in response to the refugee crisis. It brought together 130 people from 30 countries, mostly, but not exclusively from Europe, who are using [...]

Dramatherapy – Introduction to Drama and Movement Therapy

Dramatherapy Introduction to Drama and Movement Therapy Budapest, 6-7 April 2019 Dramatherapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses theatre, movement, music, myths, poetry and other arts to create spaces for healing, belonging and transformation. Through the support and the guidance of the therapist the person or the group crafts a creative and safe environment, to explore themselves and how they relate with each other, expressing emotions and cultivating insights through embodiment, imagination and play. Dramatherapy is being regulated by the British Association of Dramatherapists and the Health Professions Council. The aim of this introductory course is to offer the [...]

Refugee Trauma Initiative – Participatory Youth Theatre @Thessaloniki

    Participatory Youth Theatre in collaboration with Refugee Trauma Initiative Thessaloniki, Greece   ANAMUH in collaboration with Refugee Trauma Initiative Greece organises in Thessaloniki, Greece, a series of participatory theatre workshops for youth that will give a possibility to experience collectively how, through theatre tools, we can create a space for self-awareness, empowerment and dialogue. The participatory workshops creates a safe space to an integrated group of young refugees and locals in Thessaloniki, where to explore, create, connect, re-connect with oneself, and with the others, in a creative, constructive and proactive group process. We will introduce Forum Theatre, rooted in the research method [...]

Forum Theatre for Community Dialogue – A Facilitator’s Handbook, by Angelo Miramonti

    "How to use Forum Theatre for Community Dialogue - A Facilitator's Handbook" by Angelo Miramonti "How to use Forum Theatre for Community Dialogue - A Facilitator's Handbook" by Angelo Miramonti A practical handbook for the beginner facilitator in applying Forum Theatre to community dialogue and conflict transformation. A facilitation manual to empower individuals and communities in responding to social issues using a non-judgemental and interactive approach.   The book is available worldwide on Lulu, one of the largest print-on-demand platforms, in both physical and eBook formats.   Here a quick preview:              Paperback English: eBook English:     The book is [...]

Community Development

    ANAMUH for Community Development ANAMUH is experienced and active in various communities: schools, youth centres, communitarian spaces, refugee camps, organizing Community Development processes using Participatory Photography/PhotoVoice, Participatory and Social Theatre, and generally speaking what we like to call “Arts for Dialogue”. If you are interested in starting a process in your community, please write to us: